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Official website of Aleister Nacht. Welcome, I have been waiting for you to take the first steps on your journey to Satanic enlightenment and knowledge.

Best-selling author Aleister Nacht is Satanic Magus of the Magnum Opus satanic coven. Learn about Theistic Satanism.

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There are those in Satanic Magic who practice Cognitive Magic; the use of the mind for the sake of magic ritual. Astral Projection has opened the way for the Satanist to use that all-powerful organ – the brain.

There is a vast amount of satanic information in these books written by Aleister Nacht. Reviews of books about Satanism and Satanic Magic.

Learn about Satanism, satanic rituals, 2015 satanic holidays and other sources of satanic pleasure, amazement and discovery.

Welcome to the Satanic Magic blog of Aleister Nacht. Some people are “lazy” when it comes to research however, here are over 250 blog pages explaining Satanism and satanic magic.

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Aleister Nacht discusses "True Detective", Voudon, Santeria and the Marsh Cult.


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