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Cognitive Power

Satanic Magic and Cognitive Power

The Powerful Satanic Mind

There are those in Satanic Magic who practice Cognitive Magic; the use of the mind for the sake of magic ritual. Some practice this exclusively and never actually enter an inner sanctum except in their minds. There have been doubts concerning the effectiveness of this method and some actually claim greater success resulting from rituals than that of “in body” rituals. The one thing that is known for sure is the practice does exist.

The power of the mind is at the core of magic and the practice of rituals. Even the rituals performed as in a group setting is at its essence – cognitive. The thoughts of the practitioner actually drive the ritual and even the “sacrifice ritual” must use the imagination to be fully realized. Thoughts and ideas are what stimulate the Magus to open a ceremony and expect a result from a casting of a spell or hex. Satanic MagicWithout the powerful mind, we as followers of the LHP are rendered impotent.

Astral Projection has opened the way for the Satanist to use that all-powerful organ – the brain. Trans-versing time and slipping the bounds of gravity, the practitioner can easily create, perform and participate in the results of magic without physically leaving the comfort of their home.

As for exercising the imagination, children create a virtual reality in their minds from the age of toddler. As a child grows older, the accepted norms of life indelibly snuff out the power of the mind in exchange for being accepted by peers. No one wants to feel like an outcast at such an impressionable and critical age of development and so those things – paranormal and otherwise – are discarded from the child’s psyche. From that point onward, the magic is forgotten (or ignored) and the conformance in society takes priority.

There are however, a select few who do not forget; do not abandon that which is given to us all. They may leave the path for a while or even learn to mask their talent but for those few, magic remains real and the cognitive ability remains firmly intact. In the case of a Satanist who takes this gift and fully develops it, the sky is not the limit………….there are no limits.

A Satanic Prayer

Satanas vobiscum. Palas aron ozinomas Geheamel cla orlay Baske bano tudan donas Berec he pantaras tay. Amen . . . Evil from us deliver but . . . Temptation into not us lead and . . . Us against trespass who those forgive we as . . . Trespasses our us forgive and . . . Bread daily our day this us give . . . Heaven in is it as earth on . . . Done be will thy . . . Come kingdom thy . . . Name thy be hallowed . . . Heaven in art who . . . Father our. Eva, Ave Satanas! Vade Lilith, Deus maledictus est!! Gloria tibi! Domine Lucifere, per omnia saecula saeculorum. Rege Satanas! In the name of Satan, ruler of Earth, the King of the world, I command the forces of darkness to bestow their infernal power upon us and open wide the gates of Hell, And come forth from the abyss to bless this unholy treatise!

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