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Satanism is the Honest Path

Welcome, I have been waiting for you to take the first steps on your journey to Satanic enlightenment and knowledge. I know you are apprehensive and unsure as to the path you should follow; it is perfectly natural to feel that way. Satanic Magus Aleister Nacht SatanismThe most important thing is taking the "first step".

Our world is full of magical energy and Satanism offers many opportunities to learn. Satan wants you to know the truth! I will guide you to that truth if you accept HIS offer. Satanism is an open and HONEST path that leads each follower to find their own satisfaction, self-fulfillment and happiness.

You have a demonic spirit willing to ensure you know the truth about all matters in your life. To turn your "Demonic Guide" away, is to choose the world of "big business religions" where madmen shout hypocritical lies from pulpits, synagogues and temples around the world. They do not want you to know the truth!! If you believe their lies, they will take your soul, body, money, mind and freedom; replacing it with a "sheep-like" mentality demanding total allegiance and unquestioning loyalty to their "selfish, greedy, monetary" causes.

Aleister Nacht

Magnum Opus Satanic Coven

Pass-A-Grille, Florida

Best-selling Author and Satanic Magus

Best-selling author Aleister Nacht is a Satanic Magus and leader of Magnum Opus, a regional Satanic coven comprising of numerous groups. In the 1980s, Aleister was addicted to heroin, completely broken with no idea how to begin fixing himself. The Satanic Spire Newsletter by Aleister NachtThe street life and heroin slowly consumed him as certain death looked over his shoulder. By chance, Aleister encountered Satanism which changed his life, gave him the willpower to live and the courage to accept whatever his future held.

Aleister Nacht's books about Satanism have connected with the emerging multitude that refuses believe the lies of the religious establishment. Nacht manages to offer searchers an alternative based upon truth and reason instead of hypocritical rhetoric and lies.

Book of Satanic Magic

Book of Satanic Magic by Aleister Nacht

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The Book of Satanic Magic contains powerful Rites, Rituals, Conjurations, Spells and Invocations used by those who worship Satan. This book also contains the "Theology of Darkness of the Left Hand Path" and Demonic Invocations.

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